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Daytrooper, Inc. has an extensive background in assisting law firms with the important tasks of legal filings and research. We provide a variety of services to help alleviate the burden of limited time, allowing you to focus on your specific priorities.

From title, deed and document searches to process serving and court services — we provide peace-of-mind, with the understanding that everything has been taken care of for you.

Our Document Services Include:

  • Title, Deed and Document Searches
  • Process Serving
  • Family Division Services
    • Service of Court Documents
    • Court Filings
    • Scheduling of Motions
    • Service of Process
    • Service of Documents
    • Divorce/Support Complaints
  • Civil Division Services
    • Scheduling of Motions
    • Copy of Court Documents
    • Court Document Research
    • Case Document Search

Contact Daytrooper, Inc. to learn more about the services we offer and how they will help alleviate your firms busy schedule.

We're ready to tackle your time-crunch!

Filings, Title & Document Searches

Daytrooper, Inc. provides a wide variety of professional services for the legal industry to ensure your time is spent where it is most valuable.

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